Who We Are

Terrasan is a South African investment group which currently holds investments in the pelagic fishing, mariculture, aquaculture and property industries.

The Terrasan Group provides its subsidiaries with centralised Management, Secretarial, IT & Accounting services from its head office located in Plattekloof, Cape Town. Furthermore, it also provides treasury and property services to the Group.

Terrasan was incorporated in 1963 with the main objective to create wealth for all its stakeholders. Since its inception, the original underlying founding aim has been in adding value to Southern Africa’s natural resources as well as participating in sustainable development projects by investing in productive assets.

Terrasan subscribes to the vision that a sustainable business manages its activities and products responsibly to ensure a positive impact on society, the economy and a sustainable future. With a philosophy of sound investments, high standards and morals, and good business practices, the company has set a solid foundation for further expansion. This has been the cornerstone of Terrasan’s business and not only underlines growth for the entire group, but also equity and fairness for everyone involved.

Our Foundation

The name ‘Terrasan’ is derived from the Latin words ‘terra’ and ‘sano’ – meaning ‘healthy earth’. To reflect the Group’s focus on the environment and the industries it operates in, the Terrasan logo and corporate identity comprise colours and elements inspired by planet earth, such as water, earth, and air.

In specific reference to the logo mark, visual representations of these elements are combined to form a subtle fish motif; acting as an illustration of life, but also paying homage to Terrasan’s current investments that have enabled the Group to grow from strength to strength.

Our Primary Focus

Long-term strategic investments
Partnerships and participation of minority concerns including empowerment
To constantly enhance our value and returns
Fair and beneficial business practice towards our employees and surrounding areas
Minimising the environmental impact through sustainable fishing and farming practices

Our Vision

An environmentally-responsible enterprise with satisfied stakeholders.

Our Mission

Our mission is to maintain a healthy balance between value for money, profitability for all stakeholders and sustainable fishing and farming practices. We aim to source and retain passionate, competent people who are committed to service excellence through teamwork. All while respecting the environment and the broader community as key aspects to long-term sustainable success.

Our Values

Respect for natural resources